Moving House and My Car Too!

This is only my third post, the second being only yesterday. Together with this one, all of my posts thus refers to services provided by local businesses. The pure reason why I think they deserve a mention is that they provide a service , which in my opinion, very important to us local residents. This post won’t be any different…

I will be moving house sometime next week, ,the exact day not yet confirmed, so naturally there’s many things to organise and take care of. There is of course all my personal belongings to be relocated and also the storage of my spa. Despite that, I think a typical removals company will offer it as part of their whole service. Oh duh!!! Otherwise they wouldn’t be called removalists. But one thing I wasn’t sure of if they are able to move my pride and joy car. I know what all of my readers out there are saying… “a car? why don’t you just drive it!” but before you shake your head.. let me explain.. keep on reading..

van pic

My car at this very stage is not quite drivable, well you can drive it, but I prefer not to. Don’t worry, I ‘ll get to the exact reason! The reason is that I’ve got it race prepped (well as much as I can currently afford anyhow) and didn’t want to drive it . When I say race prepped, I mean it is tuned by my performance mechanic. I just felt if I drove it, it may throw the tuning slightly, hence not optimised for the race next week. It may or may not affect it, but I’m the type of person who will take as much precaution as I possibly can. Call it what you want, but that’s me!

Anyways, to cut the long story short.. I’ve found a removalists that is willing to relocate my car without actually driving it! Not even from the garage to the trailer truck! They actually included in their normal package, which will save me some money! No one is going to complain right? So if you’re looking to relocate and got a car to move (witout driving), then give the removalists a call. One of them will definitely meet your needs.

Locksmith To My Rescue!

I’ve always pride myself to be very well organised and quite independent, not really requiring anyone’s help. You might say I am quite egotistical is an understatement. But after this particular incident (that I am about to share with you) has kind of changed my mind. It has taught me to respect what other people do. Dad has always said to me that everyone is here for a reason in one way or another. That is, no matter what it is that they do, they contribute to society in one shape or another. Keep on reading and you’ll see why!

It was early Saturday morning, after a wild night’s party, that I got to my car and realising that I’m locked out of my car. That is, the key was in the locked car! You should seen my absolute anger and major disappointment when I found out. Scrambling to find something in my pockets that might help me in this situation, nothing, nada! Leaning against my car’s side door, I got my mobile phone out and searched for a locksmith that could help me. What I was worried about is that it’s 1 o’clock in the morning! Who the hell is available at this time of the night, probably absolutely no one. But to my surprise when searching for a locksmith on my phone, I found the guys at who aadevrtised themselves being opened 24 hours. How good is that? Obviously, I called them up right away, not even worried about the cost as in this situation, I would pay anything to get myself out of this mess! Especially when the dark midnight sky threaten to rain.

Anyways, I called them up and someone picked up almost instantly, which is awesome, not having to wait that long. I told him about being locked out of my car. And reassured that it’s nothing new to him. I was of course relieved to find out I am not the only one who is stupid enough to leave their key in the car. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean to call some of you out there reading this literally “stupid”. But you know what I mean, well I hope you know what i mean! Hahahaha!

Jokes aside, the locksmith that came was awesome. To this date I am very thankful for what he has done for me. I know what many of you out there will say.. it’s his job and you paid him. But I beg to differ, although I did pay him and although it is his job, for him to to do it with a smile showed me that he is genuine about looking after me. The night was cold, windy and rainy. So the locksmith was like a rainbow to my gloomy night that time.

Yes, let me say it again, I m very grateful of the locksmith’s service. I fully respect the work he’s put into it. On this note, I’d like to conclude this post with: I do need people’s help and I certainly can’t do everything myself. That is why it is super important that we need to respect each others strengths and weaknesses.