Thank you Perth Car Detailing

Well, well it is my very first post for this blog of mine. I was thinking high and low about what to write about.. but it didn’t take long before I had an idea. I would write a post dedicated to my awesome car detailing guys in Perth. To be honest, without them my car wouldn’t look half as good as they are. So here I am, writing a feel good and more importantly a sign of appreciation towards the people who tirelessly clean and maintain the immaculate condition of my past and present cars.

So the question is, who are they? And why, in my opinion, they are sooo good. The company’s name is Perth Car Detailing and owned by Dave and Joe. I first met the owners about 5 years ago at a local car show south of the river. The both of them was doing a car detailing demonstration. To be honest, I was immediately impressed with the attention to detail that was given to the aged demo car. So naturally I approached them and started to talk little things but before you know it, we were talking quite in depth about cars – in particular how to clean and maintain a clean and immaculate car. Things like how to polish? Best brands to use? Water or waterless and so on and so on.

I was so impressed that I booked my own car to be detailed by Perth Car Detailing the following week. They offer a mobile car detailing service, so I gave ’em my work address. Sure enough they turned up on time and the finish was magnificent to say the least. Literally, from top to bottom it was immaculate. the paint turned out to be like mirrors. You’d have to see it to believe. I am not kidding!

After the good first time experience with Perth Car Detailing, I continued to book my car for a detail onĀ  regular basis. Once a month for a routine wash inside and out. Then quarterly for a more intensive detail which included interior protection and polish where required.

So if you are looking for a good car detailing company, then look no further then Perth Car Detailing. I definitely recommend their service to anybody.

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